Roofing Leadwork Wellington

We perform roofing leadwork in Wellington as part of remedial work and new roof installation. Leadwork is highly efficient at weatherproofing roofs and shielding your property from the elements. Get in touch with us today for additional information or to arrange a quotation without obligation.

What Is Roofing Leadwork?

Roofing leadwork is applied in places such as joints to prevent water ingress. It must be professionally installed, as lead will naturally expand and contract, therefore the design and installation must allow for this to occur. 

Damaged roofing lead can cause leaks which can result in significant problems including mould, damp and decay of roofing timbers.

Roofing lead channels water away from the property making it the ideal solution for forming a durable, weather resistant roof barrier.

Leadwork Services

If you need leadwork services, get in touch to find out how we can help. We can repair and install all types of leadwork including valleys, flashing and more to divert water away from your building. 

There are areas on pitched roofs that are susceptible to water ingress taking place, such as round the chimney breast, and lead can also be fitted to flat roofs to protect water ingress.

Contact RWG Roofing Ltd

Our experienced team can carry out roofing leadwork in Wellington and in the surrounding areas to protect your home from leaks. Call us to arrange a quote for our services.

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